Restoration and Antique

Ben’s first love

Restoring antique is a real craft. The challenge in restoring antiques is to bring the wooden objects back to their former glory and to prevent them from further decay. Preferably this will be carried out with authentic materials and by using techniques that preserve the sphere of the piece.

The beauty of antiques lies in their craftsmanship and builds up a real character over time. Antique is the collective name for handmade arts and crafts which are at least 100 years old.

As a wood restorer, I focus on your antique items such as cabinets, chairs and tables. Besides that I also take care of desks, small furniture, cases, crates, boxes and chests. The use of these objects will wear them out, cause damage or possibly they might even break. During the restoration, damaged and missing parts will be counterfeited to the best possible extent, preferably with authentic materials.

Unfortunately, furniture does not have eternal life, but good restoration can accomplish miracles. Common problems are: malfunctioning doors, bad drawer gliding and loose veneers. In addition, I often notice damage caused by shrinkage, yellowed outskirts and seats with loose joints. Except for furniture I also restore antique play-, tea- and cutlery boxes, crucifixes, painting frames, wooden artefacts and even chairmen’s gavels. Briefly: all wooden antiques.

When a piece of furniture or object is brought to my attention, I look at the problem first. But I also watch the cause in order to limit or prevent future wear. I have seen a lot over the last 20 years, tried out and repaired. During this period I have developed a critical and creative view to keep the quality of my work on a high level.

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