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It all started with a 200 year old desk that was undamaged in part. I have always been strongly committed to quality. Holding a job as a furniture maker and having received education in Antwerp, the journey continued for me. I devoted myself to various classic inlays with passion, where I specialised in coloring and French polishing.

20 years later, it is still my goal to keep the stories of old pieces alive. Restoring antiques such as cabinets, cupboards, chairs and tables is still something I love to do. In the course of time and because of my personal interest, I also focused on the woodwork used in Pre- and Post War Motor Cycles and cars.I regularly work with Dion Bouton cars and various vehicle interiors. Harley Davidson and FN, among others, need wooden spare parts too.

In addition, I’m busy with all time repair and maintenance, including wooden objects that are not antique yet. I often repair furniture and objects from the Amsterdam School, Scandinavian and Design furniture. These are often still too good to be discarded.

With whatever question, object or budget you come and see me, you will be attended to with a lot of passion, craftmanship and creativity, and I’ll be happy to be at your service.

See below a few examples from the past.

Chair Restoration

Enjoy your new comfortable seat

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