Repairs and maintenance

Ben’s latest love

Not every object requires restoration. Objects might get broken, damaged or worn out. But even than you don’t need to discard them because once fixed by me, they are going to last several years more.

We all know the disturbing marks on a table top, an unstable old chair, a clamping door and a nonslip drawer. Annoying problems, true, but they can definitely be fixed. I repair and maintain all kind of wooden furniture and items. Repair and maintenance is mainly applicable to young quality furniture. This can be furniture of brands like: Pander, Gelderland, Pastoe or furniture from a large department store such as the Bijenkorf. Furniture often emanates from the Art Deco period, the Amsterdam or The Hague school, the Modernism or Scandinavian design.

In addition to repairs, I can also draft an insurance report, for example in case of an accident. Insurance companies often require these kind of reports.

Occasionally I derivate my repair and maintenance work. Than the time has come to make a new product, but preferably to be carried out with old wood. For example, the Schragen table, for which I used a painting as example. Another example is the architraves for a house built in the 20's. Each project differs, but for all I can state: "A selection of the past."

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